6 Best Free Business Listing Management Software Picks 2022

As its name suggests, business listing management refers to the process of updating and checking information pertinent to the website, location, and other relevant data of a brand or company on the online directories. This is so integral because most consumers today shortlist and research suppliers for the goods and services they require before they even interact with them. 

In the technologically-driven society we live in where people base their purchasing decisions on their online findings, the level of internet visibility, reviews, and contact information available on the World Wide Web can make all the difference. And only through the right software platforms can you effectively manage your listings to get the best results.

However, with so many business listing management software available in the market, finding the right one can be a bit of a challenge. So to make things simpler, we’ve laid out our picks for the best platforms for 2022 in this article.  

  • Birdeye

One of the most popular and widely used listing management software, Birdeye enables businesses to thrive and flourish by leveraging satisfied customers. Over seventy thousand companies use this platform to generate new leads through referrals, reviews, and listings, transforming them into paying customers with appointments and webchat and keeping them engaged via insights, ticketing, and surveys. Through this software, entrepreneurial ventures deliver exceptional experiences to all their customers.

  • Yext

Yext is unique in the way that it’s a search-as-service software that presents a range of artificial intelligence-powered solutions that cater to the needs of businesses. Companies of every size across all industries use this platform for excellent discovery and search experiences for better conversions, lower support expenses, and new consumer insights.  

  • ReviewTrackers

A reputation management platform considered one of the best customer review software and insights applications, ReviewTrackers is trusted by thousands of businesses. Easy-to-use, precise, and reliable, it specializes in analyzing and aggregating online reviews and aiding multi-location companies to interpret and discover key consumer insights to improve SEO, strengthen customer loyalty, and optimize operations.

  • Vendasta

This listing software offers end-to-end ecommerce platforms to thousands of partners who provide digital products and solutions to millions of SMBs globally. The list of partners includes but isn’t necessarily limited to marketing firms, media agencies, and independent vendors for software. Through this platform, Vendasta helps these groups adopt solutions from cloud-based technologies quickly and easily.

  • SEMrush

When it comes to internet visibility management software, SEMrush remains the leading platform. With more than fifty products, add-ons, and tools for social media, content, market research, and search, the software is one of the essential solutions for brands and companies looking to enhance their presence online.

  • BrightLocal

BrightLocal presents businesses with the tools to help them rank high, improve their reputation, and draw in more leads and inbound web traffic through local search. Many innovative brands and companies like Ikea, Mediacom, and iProspect use the platform to enhance their search visibility locally. With the use of BrightLocal, consumers can experience much better local searches than they otherwise would have.


Regardless of industry or size, listing management is essential to the success of businesses in this day and age. And with the abovementioned software, you’ll be able to achieve the results you want in the most efficient way possible. So make sure that you compare them against the other and select the one that fits your business perfectly.