A Simple Trick to Improve Raffle Ticket Sales and the Guest Experience at Your Benefit Silent Auctions

Do your visitors and your volunteers a choose. Each visitor who buys of venture price ticket ought to be given a visible identifier to alert others that he’s bought.

This avoids a commonplace annoyance to How to do a Silent Auction visitors: more than one human beings drawing close to sell raffle tickets.

Assume you have three groups of volunteers roaming the group to sell raffle tickets for a diamond bracelet. Team #1 methods Mr. Smith and sells him two tickets.

Within minutes, Team #2 techniques him. “I simply bought tickets,” he says. Is he fibbing? Team #2 isn’t always positive, however they move on through the silent auction.

Team #3 catches Mr. Smith at the bar. They ask him if he needs to shop for raffle tickets. “I’ve already bought two tickets,” he sputters. Team #3 is surprised at how grouchy he is. After all, this is a gala, proper?

How oftentimes will Mr. Smith be requested to shop for raffle tickets? And how lots time is wasted through Team #2 and Team #3 who keep coming near visitors who have already bought tickets?

Visual identifiers resolve this trouble.

1. Your visitor will not grow to be aggravated from being requested more than one times if he’s going to purchase a price tag.

2. Your volunteers recognise who has bought a bet price tag and who hasn’t. They can cognizance on making new income.

3. The visual identifier serves as a easy marketing device to alert different guests about the presence of a raffle.

There are many cheaper visible gear you could use:

* Blink-y lighting in necklace, pin, or ring shape

* Paper bracelets, just like the ones used at big out of doors fairs or bars

* Cloth bracelets

* Metal pins

* Hawaiian leis

* Flower boutonnieres

* Plastic necklaces

* Stickers (They are available in a large number of shapes and colorings to match many topics.)

This is a low-cost, simple trick for you to work wonders through greater productiveness from your raffle volunteers, better sales from your raffle, and visitors in a higher mood.