CBD For Skincare – How Does It Benefit All Skin Types

CBD oil is an effective product to include in our skincare routine. It helps with skin conditions like acne, redness and wrinkles. It is a predominant cannabinoid found in cannabis plant. After being extracted in the powder form, it is mixed with oils like coconut, hemp or olive in order to enhance its effectiveness.

How does CBD work in treating skin conditions?

Researchers have proved that topical application of CBD cause accumulation of cannabinoids in our skin and underlying muscle. This buildup of cannnabinoids helps to suppress soreness, swelling etc. If you find signs of acne popping up, just dab some CBD onto the area before the damage shows. Purchase CBD only from reputable CBD manufacturers for maximum effectiveness.

How to select the best CBD product for skincare?

  • Check the label: The product label should contain the exact term ‘cannabidiol’ and not something like hemp oil as both aren’t the same.
  • Third-party certification: The CBD brand you choose must display third-party certification on the product’s purity on their website. If not, you can request them for it. Legitimate CBD manufacturers would maintain full transparency.
  • Stable packaging: CBD loses its effectiveness when it isn’t stored properly. The product should be provided in a sealed jar.

If you are looking to CBD shop from a reliable manufacturer in the US, check out JustCBD store. Their products are hailed for their effectiveness and have a wide customer base. The manufacturing process includes only organically sourced hemp. There products helps with a range of skin conditions.

Skin conditions treated using CBD:


Acne is a result of an underlying inflammatory condition. The anti-inflammatory property of CBD works in favor of treating skin conditions. Apply CBD over the acne site to reduce swelling and redness and for a smooth skin. CBD oil also decreases excess production of sebum (oil) in the skin.


The anti-oxidant property of CBD suppresses visible signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, dull skin, and skin ruddiness. It address skin issues both intrinsic and extrinsic factors responsible for wrinkle-formation.

Sensitive skin:

People with sensitive skin have only few skin products to choose from. The soothing property of CBD makes it ideal for application on sensitive skin.

Damaged skin:

Our skin gets easily damaged due to exposure to sun and pollutants. CBD is found to boost skin regeneration and ensures skin stays healthy.

How to use CBD for skincare:

Dermal application of CBD is found to be effective to treat skin conditions when compared to ingestible like capsules and tablets. Dermal application offers targeted relief and works best for chronic conditions. Applying the product directly on the site to be treated enhances the effectiveness since there is increased permeability of the cannabionoid into the skin.

CBD topicals show effect in about half an hour and stays in our system up to 48 hours. However it is recommended to re-apply the product every 4 hours for better results. Incorporate CBD into your daily skincare regimen and reap the benefits of CBD.