Kami Hoss Dentistry – An Overview on How to Keep Your Baby’s Teeth Clean

As a parent, you obviously want your baby to grow up with a healthy set of teeth. However, you might not know how to go about inculcating proper dental hygiene habits in your child.   To begin with, you should take your baby to a reliable pediatric dentist for guidance on oral health. This expert will conduct a thorough examination to determine the condition of your baby’s teeth and gums. The dentist will then suggest the right oral healthcare regime you need to take for your baby.

Kami Hoss Dentistry – How to brush your baby’s teeth?

Kami Hoss is a well-known pediatric dentist with over 20 years of valuable experience in the field. He is a post-graduate degree holder in Craniofacial Biology from the University of California. He went on to complete his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) from Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Dentistry. He is also a board-certified counselor in many prominent medical associations like American Dental Association.

Kami Hoss Dentistry points out that you should start taking care of your baby’s teeth when the first tooth appears. Initially, you need to focus on cleaning your baby’s gums before proceeding to brush his/her teeth. In doing so, you should take the following steps:

  • Wrap a soft, clean, and damp washcloth around your finger, and
  • Gently wipe your baby’s gums and mouth with the wet cloth twice a day, preferably after feeding.

Alternatively, you can use a finger brush made of soft silicone to clean your baby’s gums when the child is older. This helps to remove excess food particles and prevents bacteria from clinging to your baby’s gums. The best way to commence brushing your baby’s teeth is by:

  • Choosing a suitable place on the bed or floor to sit,
  • Placing your baby’s head securely on your lap so that you can clearly see the mouth,
  • Use your hands to cup your baby’s chin while the head is resting on your body,
  • Carefully lift your baby’s lips to clean its teeth with a moist finger brush,
  • Brush both sides of your baby’s teeth in a soft and circular motion up to the gum line, and
  • Finally, slowly angle your baby’s mouth downwards to let the toothpaste dribble into a cup.

When should you take your baby to a pediatric dentist?

You should ideally visit an experienced pediatric dentist with your baby when the child is six months old. This is the time when your baby’s first tooth appears and is vulnerable to teething issues, gum disease, and decay. The dentist will examine your baby’s mouth and instruct you on measures to tackle these problems. You should ask what procedures this expert will conduct on your baby at the time of making the appointment. This will help you make the necessary arrangements to manage your baby.

Kami Hoss Speaking points out that tooth decay in babies generally occurs when their front teeth appear. This problem hampers the development of their permanent teeth as it affects the structure of underlying bones. It can result from bottle-feeding, prolonged thumb-sucking, or exposure to liquids containing sugar. Fortunately, you can address the problem. You just need to clean your baby’s gums with a damp cloth and brush his/her teeth with a soft finger brush.


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